The End of TDXP?

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3 min readApr 8, 2022

It’s been a great ride. A lot of fun. But all good things must come to an end, and TDXP is no exception. It is with heavy hearts that the management of TDXP announces that our fantastic TDXP trading app has to cease operations — under that name.

That’s right! We’re changing our name. We aren’t going anywhere. We’re just going to look a tiny bit different. Here’s the story:

In the normal course of business operations, we have been undertaking the process of applying for the TDXP trademark in the EU. Several weeks in, we hit an obstacle: one of the largest banks in North America, and partner to the World Economic Forum, TD Bank Group, took issue with our application.

The problem lies in our name. And our logo. They’re too close to the TD trademark. Here’s a taste of the communications received from TD’s counsel:

Fragment of the letter from TD Bank

Long story short: we need to disappear all TDXP branding

At first, we were horrified. All the work we had put into building the TDXP brand was at risk. A rebrand would be a frustrating setback.

Then we were actually quite flattered. The 23rd largest bank in the WORLD, with 90-odd thousand employees and some $1.7 trillion in assets, just rated us as a threat to their brand. Scary, but kind of cool.

It goes without saying that we completely understand their point of view. We won’t contest it. We will immediately comply.

After all, we’re still in beta, so it’s probably a good time for something like this to happen. Also, we’re roughly $1.7 trillion in assets and 89,985 employees smaller than TD Bank.

But the fact that such a large and powerful institution rates us as a player should put wind in the sails of any TDXP user, fan, or investor. So, in the interests of good relations with our global financial powerhouse colleagues at TD Bank, we need to immediately rebrand.

What to call ourselves?

It’s tough to find any 3 or 4-letter URLs, because they’ve all been taken. And to find one with letters that represent our brand would be almost impossible. Yet somehow, we’ve managed to find a 3-letter combination that ticked all the boxes and had an available domain!


The D and X were in the original name, so it keeps things kind of familiar and recognizable.

  • D: Distributed — our platform is a completely separate entity from the liquidity pool we plug in to. We don’t custody user funds. Our back end is the BSV blockchain that can’t be altered or manipulated. Our aspiration is to have the platform run on a distributed network of unpredictably-selected servers.
  • X: eXchange.
  • S: System

Say goodbye to TDXP, and hello to DXS!

What happens now? We change the name and logo on all our media assets. That’s all that will be changing for now. But very soon there will be some serious upgrades and new features dropping.

The TDXP DXS team is deeply committed to improving and growing the platform. We’re here to stay. We’re going to continue in our mission to create a unique trading platform that offers a great trading experience and a better deal for small traders, with on-chain governance and publicly funded liquidity.

Same vision. New name.





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