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2 min readNov 2, 2022

Fiorin wallet will provide the option to recover your entire wallet from any BSV wallet provider

Here’s a scenario you may relate to:

You’re a DXS liquidity provider and you receive your daily liquidity provider payments to a MoneyButton wallet. You’re frustrated because:

  1. MoneyButton has been extremely unreliable for the last 12 months. You don’t even know if your balance in MoneyButton is correct
  2. You cannot change your MoneyButton liquidity provider payment address in DXS to a different wallet like HandCash or RelayX
  3. You’re stuck using MoneyButton and you have the sneaking suspicion that MoneyButton will not be in operation for much longer

Don’t panic! We’ve got your back, your MoneyButton balance is 100% retrievable!

Fiorin wallet will provide the option to recover your entire wallet from any BSV wallet provider. All you need is your seed phrase (12 words or 24 words):

This will work for ANY wallet on BSV that uses a seed phrase (that’s all wallets except HandCash — although they allow you to export your seed phrase from their service by special request).

Please note that this will only work for BSV and STAS tokens. Fiorin recovery will not work for other assets on BSV (token protocols other than STAS).

What if MoneyButton goes out of business tomorrow?!

You’re all good! As long as you have your seed phrase, you will be able to recover EVERY satoshi. You will still receive daily DXS liquidity payments to the BSV addresses derived from your MoneyButton seed phrase. These amounts will ALWAYS be recoverable at any time using Fiorin wallet recovery.

I have more questions about wallets

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